Hey, and welcome to my shiny, new blog. Many of you visiting may know me from my other blog, combustible reviews, where I post spoiler free book reviews, (which I will be getting back to!)

I did originally create this blog and a whole new account, but I decided to get rid of it and just create another blog on my account here for two reasons.

  1. It was pain to keep logging in and out of these two accounts.
  2. I created my etsy store only to discover some already had the name I wanted so it wouldn’t match the blog. (Now it does! Woo!)

Here you’ll see my crafty side, mainly crochet, but I like a lot of other creative things, so you’ll occasionally see that. (Recently got into perler beads.) I already have a few posts ready to go so they’ll be up over the coming days.

I also create original patterns which will be for sale on my etsy and when I make fan amigurumis, the odd one I’ll write up the pattern and it will be put up here for free. They’ll be things from games, books, and TV/movies! (Let me know your favourite characters!)

I may one day offer amigurumi’s in my store, but that’s probably some point in the future.

So, thanks for reading and I hope you like my work! Be sure to click the follow button and also follow me on twitter!



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