Crafty art haul!


It was my birthday recently so I was presented, (get it presented, present?), with a few things. I figured I’d share. I love hauls whether they’re books, art supplies, or stationary ect.

Alright, let’s get on with it!


This was a gift from my brother and his Fiancee. They asked what I wanted and I said, yarn, but not just any yarn! I asked for ones that weren’t plain. So there’s a mixture of sparkly and multicoloured ones.

My favourite is definitely the multicoloured ones. I made a cute octopus with some and love how it came out.

Now, I got the majority of the next few things from the works. It’s an awesome shop in the UK.

Colouring pencils

I think the box is really cute, though I won’t be keeping it. It’d be kind of awkward carrying round!

I haven’t tried them out yet so finger’s crossed they’re good. They’re good for starting off with anyhow. So many different shades!

Art markers and Brush pens



Pretty much copic markers without the brand. I’ve tried these out and I like them, though there aren’t many colour choices. It bleeds through the page though, which I’m sure many markers do.


I’m not sure whether I’ll ever use these much. As you can see the tip of this one is frayed. I tried one out, only messing, and it’s a bit too flimsy across the page for me. But I am a newb, perhaps I just need a little patience.



Pretty basic sketchbook. The pages are smooth, which I like. There isn’t a hardback version though so it’d be awkward for out and about.

I got this from WH Smith so I paid a little more for it.

I’m not a fan of the works’ A5 hardbacks because the pages are rough. These are smooth and it has a snazzy way of being a hardback. It basically has a cardboard insert and the covers themselves are floppy. I like the grey colour too.

Art books


My drawing level is pretty basic. I can just about copy simple images, such as Pokemon. I don’t have much technical knowledge, so it’s something I’d like to improve on. We’ll see if these books are any good!

Alright, so this was my crafty art haul! Hope you enjoyed it! I also have an etsy if you’d like to check that out too!


octopus-full-shot side-view frontal-octi image


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