Pencil cases // Crochet //

I recently aquired a few art supplies, as you can see in my Art haul, and realized I had no pencil cases to put all my pencils.

I could have gone and bought one from the shops, but pffft, if I can crochet why not make one with all the snazzy yarn I got for my birthday? It was a pretty spur of the moment project, as are all my projects, but I like how they came out and they didn’t take too long to whip up either.


I really love this yarn, it’s a blend of white and blue, so I love the gentle shifts in colour tones. My favourite colour is green, but my close second is blue.


I originally wanted to use bigger buttons, but of course, I couldn’t find my box of buttons! If I made this one again, I’d make the  flap longer, as sometimes the pencils peak out the edges to say hi.


This one is my favourite and the one I’ll probably use most. It feels really sturdy and I don’t worry the pencils are going to fall out. Still would’ve liked a bigger button though. 😦

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