Weekly goals!


Welcome to the first weekly goals post!

I’ve decided to start doing these kind of posts because I find it fun and love writing lists and setting goals.

I also love reading other posts like this, so why not do my own? It’s a good way to keep organized and focused.

What is weekly goals?

Essentially, I’ll be doing a sum up of last week’s weekly goals and whether I achieved what I set out to do and then listing what the current week’s goals are.

Now this being the first weekly goal post so there is no sum up. Onto my goals for this week!


// Create a pattern for comic relief/red nose day // 

Red nose day is a big charity event that happens on Friday 24th March. You can found out more about it here, but, essentially it funds thousands of projects worldwide.

‘Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty.’

I have an idea in mind and the pattern will be put up on etsy. For as long as this particular pattern is available in my shop, ALL of the profits will go to comic relief.

// Crochet Jiji from Kiki’s delivery service //

I love Ghibli and eventually want to crochet all the characters.

This one is purely for pleasure. Since deciding to open an etsy shop, I’ve taken it incredibly serious. I hope to make it successful and because of that, I haven’t done much crocheting for pleasure.

// Crochet some of the rug each day //

I’ve been crocheting, a very basic, rug for my living room, but it keeps getting put to the side for other, admittedly more important, projects. It’s not going to get done if I keep doing that so I want to do a little each day.


Alright, these are my goals for the week. Wish me luck! And let me know your goals in the comments. Creative ones or otherwise!

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