What’s in my crochet case?


I love these kind of posts. (Probably because I’m really nosy.) And I thought perhaps some of you might be interested too!

Let’s get started!

I’ll solve this Crochet case!


Or rather pencil case! I don’t have an actual crochet case. This one has done me well. I got it from poundland for, yep, a £1.00. I love zombies so, of course, I chose this one. :’D

It’s starting to get a little tattered around the edges, but then it is quite a few years old, and the zip…thing(?) fell off. I just put a stitch marker there and it does the job. :’D

Pins and needles


(and other stuff, but it’d ruin my snazzy title) All these boxes are recycled, (I guess.) The one with scissors and cherry pins is an old bike puncture kit box. The stitch markers and needles was a hairgrip case. The small one just exists…I don’t where it came from. :’D

If you’re doing amigurumi, I highly recommend getting stitch markers and cherry pins. To me, they’re essentials.



Quite obviously used to make Pom Poms. It does the job. I like this one because I can make different sized pom poms. I very rarely use this item, but, of course, I need it. :’D

Eye see you!


I love these particular safety eyes. They’re like dragon eyes! (I have actually made a dragon with them.) I’m starting to run out though. D: I’ve kept them in the paper bag I bought them in. There’s no room for another box in my pencil case. 😥

Let me count the ways I love you…


A very useful item to have in your arsenal. Especially if you’re like me who either forgets what row you’re on or likes to watch TV, listen to music ect while you crochet/Knit. And you have to buy at least 2 because I guarantee you’ll lose them. (Or maybe that’s just me?)

These stitch counters tend to be for putting on the end of your knitting needles, as far as I know there isn’t a crochet equivalent.

Measuring your worth


Three because apparently one isn’t enough.

I generally use these to measure complete amigurumis. The top one you can also use to figure out what size hooks you have if it doesn’t have it on the actual hook.

I’m hooked!


And tons of hooks. They’ve increased over the years. I only use a few regularly, but it’s always nice to be able to have size you want immediately.

I tend to buy the smaller hook sizes with the grips because they’re most likely the ones I get hand cramps with. The only problem is the size of them is on the rubber parts, which, of course, rubs off and then it takes me a few to figure out which size it is. I wish they’d put the size on the hook, but ah well.

If you’re new to crochet, I’d recommend getting a , 4mm, 5mm and 2.50mm (if you want to do amigurumi, this is the size I use.)

All you do is use me! 😥

most-used-items   most-used-hooks

These are my most used items.

Cherry pins, stitch markers, tapestry needles and stitch counter. Most of these are mainly for amigurumi, particularly the cherry pins. (Seriously, cherry pins are amazing.) Along with my most used hooks which are 5mm, 4mm, 3.50mm and 2.50mm.

Aright that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. I challenge you to do a similar post, (not for my own enjoyment at all. >:D), whether it’s art, writing, your handbag, whatever! Link it to me, either in the comments or on twitter so I can check it out!

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