March 2017 goals!


It’s the first Thursday of the month so that means I’m sharing my monthly goals! \o/

Find out how much shipping costs to America and everywhere else

Currently, the one item I have for sale, (because I have mostly patterns on my etsy), is set for UK sale only. I didn’t want to just pull a random number out for the rest of the world, so I want to pop to the post office and get a proper answer.

I know I can look online, but I would prefer to ask in person and make sure it’s correct. I don’t want to overcharge nor undercharge.

Crochet two more tablet sleeves for my etsy shop

I’m thinking of doing another cat one and an owl one, but suggestions are always welcome.

Right now, I’m doing them for ipad mini and Kindle touch 2016.

Create 2 more patterns for my etsy shop

(Or one really big one)

I kind of want to the big one, just to really challenge myself. I’ll have to make sure to keep clear notes if I do!

I’m not sure what I want to create, so if there’s something you’d like to see me crochet, let me know!

Alright! Those are my monthly goals for March! Tell me about yours, craft or otherwise! Or if you’ve done a post, leave a link the in the comments!

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