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Welcome to Fancy stitch crafts. I’m Jen, your host for the eve-…OK, anyway.


You’ll be probably guess by the blog contents that this is a crochet blog, (along with other crafts. Currently obsessed with perler beading.)

I’ll be showcasing my creations here, along with putting up the odd free pattern. You’ll be seeing both original and fan made creations from books, games, TV/movies. (Have a favourite character let me know and I may make it!)

I have an etsy store where I’m currently creating crochet, mainly amigurumi patterns, for sale. Eventually, I may offer amigurumi’s plushes for sale too.

I opened January 2017 so it’s still a baby, please check it out!

I also have a spoiler free review blog, mainly books, called, combustible reviews.  You can also follow my twitter for progress updates and seeing what I’m currently crocheting! I’ll also be posting about books and just being randomly derpy on there.

Hope you like my work and, if you do, please click that follow button. ❤